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3 tips on how to determine where God wants you to serve and a FREE download checklist

I know God has a place for me to serve Him but I don’t know how to narrow down the many opportunities before me.

I’m overwhelmed with the personal responsibilities before me while trying to finding time to serve God.

I feel guilty taking time away from my family to serve God.

I don’t know how to prioritize the needs and expectations of others while being available to serve God.

Do any of the statements above describe you? If they do, I want you to know are not alone. Over the last several years I have felt them at some point in time or other. I often hear women express frustration over their struggles with balancing the responsibilities of being a mom and wife, caring for aging parents, working, and serving God.

Today I want to share with you 3 tips on how to determine where God wants you to serve and how to juggle your responsibilities and serving God.

Step 1 – Stop, Breathe and Pray

It’s very easy to fill your to-do list with so much you become overwhelmed and find your head spinning from trying to decided what to do next. My friend will you do something for me? When you find yourself and your mind reeling from overload I want you to stop right where you are and take a deep breath. As you take a deep breath ask God to settle your mind and help you focus on the most important item on your list. Taking this step will help you refocus your thoughts on what’s most important.

Step 2 – God has called you to tend a specific Pasture.

If you’ve been around The Calm of His Presence much this year you know I have written a lot on the subject of Tending the Pasture God gives us. Tending my Pasture came out of a need for me to focus on the areas where God wants me to serve. I struggled with knowing that God has called me into ministry and desperately wanting to follow God in that calling but also knowing I have a family I love and want/need to care for, friends I want to help and a local Church I want to serve in. I frequently found myself unable to act because I didn’t know where to start.

Now, when I find myself in this situation I ask 3 questions.

  1. What are my priorities within my 4 walls? Is there something I need to be doing right now to care for or bless my family?
  2. How can I serve/bless those I come in contact with on a daily basis?
  3. How is God asking me to serve outside of my comfort zone?

Step 3 – It’s ok to say NO

As women we don’t like to tell people no. Those of us who are people pleasers are more afraid of disappointing someone than maintaining a healthy balance which in turn ends up draining the life right out of us. Friends it’s time we give ourselves permission to say no to things that aren’t life giving to us. We can’t be all things to all people. I want you to promise me you will start working on saying no. It isn’t easy but if you keep in mind what gives you life and what drains life it will make it much easier to tell someone no. Saying no and creating margin in your life will give you the freedom to tend the pasture God has given you.

Today’s post was just a touch of how to focus on Tending the Pasture God gives us. If you would like more help in determining the Pasture God has given you fill out the form below and  the Tending my Pasture Checklist will be sent to you. This check list will help you determine your priorities in 4 areas – your personal pasture, within your 4 walls, outside your 4 walls and outside your comfort zone.

Note: Once you fill out the form below it will go blank. I promise it worked. Please check your email for a confirmation message. If you don’t see it within 30 minutes check your spam, junk or promotions folder.


Tending my Pasture Checklist

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