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I want to help you have a successful Quiet Time

Hey there friend,

Does this sound like you? You know you need to spend some time in God’s Word, learning and experiencing God’s presence, but you don’t know where to begin. You’re frustrated because you’re quiet time has been the same for years but things are feeling stale and uninspiring. You want to make a change but you don’t know how or where to begin.

My friend I’ve been there done that, I understand your struggles. Several years ago my personal quiet time with God was lack luster. I struggled because I desperately wanted to feel God’s Presence but the same ole thing I had been doing for years wasn’t working.  I wanted to hear from him and follow his leading in my life but the problem I faced was the inability to focus on one type of study and stick to it. There were so many wonderful options I had a hard time narrowing down to one.

That’s when I finally said enough is enough I had to make the decision. So, one day I sat down and made a list of my options of when, where, how and what. Once I broke things down I was able to see my options more clearly and make the best decision on how to have my quiet time. It was a game changer for me and now I want to help you.

I want to help you breakdown your options so you can begin having the quiet time you desire. In order to help you I have put together a free download called 5 Steps to a Successful Quiet Time. 5 Steps to a Successful Quiet Time will help you look at the specifics of your day and your needs in order to experience God’s presence and learn how to follow His leading.

In 5 Steps to a Successful Quiet Time you will:

  • Determine a dedicated time to study.
  • Decide a special place for your quiet time.
  • Determine what mode of study is best for you.
  • Determine your current need of what to study.

Are you ready to get started? I know I’m excited to help you begin or renew your quiet time. Sign up by filling out the form below to receive your 5 Steps to a Successful Quiet Time. Once you have filled out the form be sure to check your inbox for your confirmation email.

5 Steps to a Successful Quiet Time

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After you download the 5 Steps to a Successful Quiet Time I will continue helping you by sharing with you a few of the things I put in my Bible Study Tool Basket.  So don’t wait, get started today by downloading your 5 Steps now.

In His Calm,

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