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Mean Girls to Mean Mommies…Guest Post

I know I haven’t been around for a while. I thought when God gave me the word Thrive for this year that meant he would be growing my writing ministry here but it turns out He wanted me to Thrive at home with my family. So that’s where I have been taking care of my family, spending more time focused on the ministry he has called me to at home. I promise when God leads me, I will be back here.  Today I wanted to share with you part of a guest post I am sharing on Jessica Hoover’s blog. I would love for you to visit her to read more.


I’m the mom who sits in the stands cheering while my son plays ball with your son.

I’m the mom who quietly sits on the top row of bleachers watching my daughter in a gym full of girls practicing their gymnastics routine.

I’m the mom who tucks a stray strand of hair in my daughter’s bun before her dance routine.

I’m the mom who beams with pride when my son finally breaks out of the batting slump he’s battled.

I’m the mom who has to give my daughter pep talks to get her to go to gymnastics each day.

I’m the mom who tells my daughter, “if you forget the steps don’t worry just keep smiling and you will do great”.

I’m the mom who has to be the biggest encourager and cheerleader for my kids because…

to read more visit Jess at her site Jessica Leigh Hoover

In His Calm,

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