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Friday Favorite + Guest Post

It is my joy and my pleasure to welcome my friend, Jacqueline Heider, author of Remind Me to The Calm of His Presence. I met Jacqueline a few years ago as we served together on a team to bring Anne Graham Lotz revival, Just Give Me Jesus to our local area. She describes herself as a “… wife, mom, daughter, friend, women’s ministry leader, writer, speaker, lover of all kinds of food and mmmm … dark chocolate! Piano player, singer (well, sort of), lover of God and His Word, an only child (not spoiled, just loved a lot!), homework helper, cook, baker, sewer (okay, once I sewed something), letter writer, shopper, chauffeur, horseback rider (yes, I really can!), coffee drinker, lover of the ocean, Dancer in the Rain …”. Please welcome my friend Jacqueline Heider.


Before I tell you a bit about my new Bible study, Remind Me … A guide to remembering HIS attributes in your daily life, I want to say thank you to Mary for welcoming me as a guest post writer on her website. I am honored to write for The Calm of His Presence.


It’s quite fitting that I write about Remind Me on a venue that distinguishes itself by the name, The Calm of His Presence, because that is exactly why I am passionate about the character of God. For years studying, praying, and snuggling up with God’s attributes has been a refuge of calm for me. Just thinking about who God is fills me with a peace I can barely describe and always, always when His names and character roll from my tongue, I sense His presence.


In a nutshell, that is why I wrote Remind Me. For nearly 20 years God has used His character to mold my mind and fortify my soul. I’ll never forget the first time I stepped into a Bible Study Fellowship class and heard our leader, Diane, pray. The way she confidently voiced the attributes of God during her time of praise quickened my heart and immediately I knew that I must learn to pray that way. What assurance, what power, what peace I felt as she prayed.


Several years after that first day of BSF, I found myself in a leader’s meeting for the first time. In a reverent, yet familiar, fashion 30 women went to their knees. And then it began—the time of praise.

“Lord, You are holy. You are worthy of all of our worship and praise. You are King of kings and Lord of lords. You are Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. You are great and greatly to be praised.”


On and on praises rang out, one by one, followed by a time of thanksgiving. I spent the better part of four years on Tuesday mornings at the feet of Jesus like that. And I will tell you with every ounce of truth, that our BSF prayer time was the best part of my Tuesdays.


Little did I know that many years later those attributes that I, along with others, prayed would be as a lifeline to me. I found myself in a season when all I could do was hang on to who I knew God to be.


My baby girl laid stock-still on the floor, barely able to breath on her own, and I—I could do nothing—nothing but call out to God. So out came the names, the attributes, and the promises. They came out because that was all that would come out. Hearing the sirens in the background, the commotion around her, all I could manage was, “God help my baby. You are … all Powerful. You are her Healer. You are her Strength. You are a Rock, a Refuge, a Fortress for the weak. Help my baby.”


God and all the power of Heaven did help my baby that day and I found myself grateful—grateful for all those years of learning, praying, and praising. Grateful that God would, by His matchless power, intervene on her behalf.


That’s not the only time God’s attributes have been a lifeline for me. Every time I pray in desperation, His names, His character, and the calm of His presence are there in the midst of my remembrance of who He is. Praying His character honors God and reminds me. Praying His character reminds me of who He is and what He can do. And every time, I gain a glimpse of God’s glory and feel His presence envelope me.


As you look to God and His unfailing character, my hope is that you will catch the same glimpse of His glory that I do every time I think about who God is and that in doing so, you are ushered into the calm of His presence.

His name is a strong tower.


His name is a refuge for the weary.


His name is a shelter in the storm.


His name is peace in turmoil.


His name is joy in grief.


His name calms my weary soul and ushers me into His presence.


There is no other name under heaven and earth so great as our God!


If you’d like to catch a glimpse of God’s glory and explore His attributes along with me, I encourage you to order your copy of Remind Me, here. (


Many blessings to you friend,


Jacqueline Heider





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