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Dear Weary Mom~tired & short tempered

Dear Weary Mom,
I know you are looking to me for help but can I confess something to you?
I blew it yesterday. I lost my temper & my coping skills. I was short fused & unwilling to take a deep breath, instead of going into a heated situation calmly I ended up making it worse.
I behaved just as bad as my 6 year old. She didn’t like my answer to a question so she screamed, moaned & groaned, stomped around & slammed doors.
My response? I yelled & fussed & stomped around & made ultimatums. Yep, I was the one in my late 30s acting like a 6-year-old little girl.
Enter in the point when I start beating myself up for being a horrible mom… I felt awful.
I questioned how in the world I was going to break the cycle of yelling & screaming I grew up with if I behaved that way to my daughter.
I beat myself up for being so kind & loving with the 100+ preschoolers in VBS this week, only to come home & lose my patience with my daughter.
It was then that I realized just like my daughter needed a nap I too, was totally exhausted & needed some time to myself.
I took a deep breath & asked God to help me make it through the rest of my day showing her love & grace. I knew I needed Him to help me use the coping skills I have in order to teach her how best to handle a situation.
And then my husband walked in the door and diffused her mood completely.
I took some time to myself & refocused on showing her love & grace.
And now, the morning after a good nights rest I am ready to start the day fresh by apologizing for my behavior & extending grace & love to her as needed.
So, my weary friend, please know there will be days when you both are tired & short tempered. In those days remember to take a deep breath, ask God for help in extending grace. Allow your husband the opportunity to come in & “save the day”. And be willing to “suck it up” and say you’re sorry to your little girl.
I am linked today with the ladies at Hope for the Weary Mom.
In His Calm,
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  • Rebecca WenrichMarch 28, 2014 - 5:16 pm

    I was looking through your posts trying to find a favorite because I was entering your book giveaway. I was brought to tears by this one. We have had so many struggles in our house over the past 2 years trying to figure out how to help our 4-year-old who requires “extra parenting” and how to manage our reaction to her rages.

    The last six weeks have been awful. And I blew it today. I made it until about 4 pm, and then after the 300th act of disobedience (I still can’t discern which are on purpose and which she can’t help), I completely lost it. Screamed like a crazy person. And I’m trying not to hate myself for it. I wish I could blame being as tired as she is – sometimes that’s the case – but this time I’m not. Not physically, anyway.

    So thankful for your words.ReplyCancel

    • Mary@thecalmofhispresenceMarch 29, 2014 - 9:04 am

      Rebecca you just brought tears to my eyes. Please know I am praying for you. There will be days when we lose it, but on those days we need to remember to go to God for strength and peace. He loves us & knows we love our kids. Praying for a good weekend for you! Blessings to you.ReplyCancel

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